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Sources of Inspiration

Another research method we leveraged while developing KYIV RYSING was conducting interviews with respondents from Ukraine and internationally. We highly appreciate our collaboration with top-level subject matter experts representing military, social, economic and environmental domains, who have kindly provided their expert knowledge and views, addressing current state of affairs in Ukraine. The study has been also enriched by the contribution of ordinary people sharing their extraordinary stories. Stories of those of them who, despite the hostilities, did stay in Ukraine and, through their daily effort, supported Ukraine’s fight for its independence, democracy and freedom.

KYIV RYSING pooled together respondents, representing various industries and spheres of professional activity, to cover pressing issues of present-day Ukraine and share their expectations going forward, as well as to honour their contribution to Ukraine's fight against the aggressor.
General David H. Petraeus in an interview for Kyiv Rysing
General David H. Petraeus

General David H. Petraeus actively maintains awareness for support of Ukrainian forces and the Ukrainian government. He is a member of the Strategic Advisory Council (SAC), which provides support and advice to the Ukrainian World Congress’s ‘Unite with Ukraine’ campaign. The SAC has set a goal of providing 100,000 Territorial Defence Force fighters with lifesaving protective gear, including helmets, body armour, ballistic eyewear, and medical kits.

CEO at Ukrainian National Postal Operator Igor Smelyansky for Kyiv Rysing
Igor Smelyansky

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian National Postal Operator (Ukrposhta) has been actively delivering humanitarian aid and pensions, as well as working with international postal operators. Committed and brave employees headed by a talented CEO constitute a reliable backbone for the Ukrainian economy and the social system during wartime.

Peter Dickinson gave an interview for Kyiv Rysing report
Peter Dickinson

Peter Dickinson holds an active civic position, trying to raise awareness on the current state of affairs in Ukraine, giving special attention to the influence and affects of the military actions in Ukraine both on a local and global levels.

Dr Stefanie Babst about falter of putinism in a Kyiv Rysing report
Dr Stefanie Babst

Dr Babst raises awareness to the war, expressing her solidarity with the Ukrainians and support for the victims of the war. She is an advocate of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, stands for a long-term, robust, and globally networked Roll Back Russia strategy, emphasising that Russia’s invasion is a global challenge and the war is a serious blow to globalisation.

Mark J. Lindquist about respect of the soldier in an interview for Kyiv Rysing
Mark J. Lindquist

Mark J. Lindquist suspended his political career in March to travel to Europe and provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. After being overseas for nearly 150 days, he is working on shipping up to 200 tonnes of donated medical supplies from Minneapolis to Ukraine.

Timur Bondaryev in an interview for Kyiv Rysing
Timur Bondaryev

Timur holds an active civic position and puts efforts to raise awareness on the war-related issues by assisting in raising funds to support the Ukrainian army and refugees. Timur evacuated a large part of his staff to Lviv and started to support public and private clients, who have suffered material war-caused damage, with their future international claims against russia.

Olga Boiko about Green transition in Ukraine in interview for Kyiv Rysing
Olga Boiko

Olga actively participates in the recovery plan of Ukraine, launched by the National Council for the reconstruction of Ukraine. She contributes to development of ‘Environmental safety’, pursuing solutions aimed at solving urgent and long-standing environmental problems.

Julia Poroshenko about cost of land and labour in Ukraine for Kyiv Rysing report
Julia Poroshenko

Julia and Oleksii Poroshenko in cooperation with the INSEAD alumni association founded the project — the purpose of which is to facilitate the process of finding the necessary assistance in Ukraine and abroad for temporarily displaced Ukrainian families.

Executive Director of the European Business Association Anna Derevyanko about Ukrainian businesses for Kyiv Rysing
Anna Derevyanko

Since the beginning of the war, EBA has been engaged in cooperation with private companies and state institutions to support the economy, as well as the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The ‘Second Chance Bank’ project was launched as a platform for sharing information on military needs with companies willing to provide support.

CEO Metinvest Holding - Yuriy Ryzhenkov in an interview for Kyiv Rysing report
Yuriy Ryzhenkov

Under Yuriy’s management, Metinvest is playing a direct role in the war effort, delivering steel for 1,500 bulletproof vests a week for Ukraine’s Armed Forces. It is also importing military equipment, such as drones, night vision headsets and helmets. Yuriy is an ambassador of the ‘Do It Together’ charitable foundation and the ‘Saving Lives’ project, set up to provide humanitarian aid.

Member of Parliament - Dr Yulia Klymenko, about new Ukraine for Kyiv Rysing
Dr Julia Klymenko

Yulia takes an active social position and communicates with foreign ambassadors, inter-factional unions , and other representatives to raise awareness on the war in Ukraine.

Serhii Fursa gave an interview for Kyiv Rysing report
Serhii Fursa

Serhii Fursa touches on a wide range of financial issues, caused by Russia’s war against Ukraine. He covers breaking news, explaining it from an economic point of view and clarifying the key nuances associated with the financial side of every piece of news, including those related to the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the EU and the USA.

Member of the Parliament Olena Sotnyk about the return of ukrainian citizens to Ukraine for Kyiv Rysing
Olena Sotnyk

In March 2022, Olena Sotnyk became a co-founder of the international fund ‘Future for Ukraine’ that supports Ukrainian victims of the war through the efforts of volunteers, specialists, non-governmental organisations, and businesses. Currently, the fund provides medical assistance to victims of hostilities and medical institutions, as well as support internally displaced children.

First Deputy Minister of the Economy of Ukraine Denys Kudin about ukrainian industry for Kyiv Rysing
Denys Kudin

Denys Kudin pays considerable attention to the matter of Ukraine’s economic recovery after the war and works on a programme to help Ukrainians who decided to stay in the country. He is also engaged with governments and leading international companies that are ready to help Ukraine and take part in the post-war recovery of the country.

Dr Yuliia Rybak in an interview for Kyiv Rysing
Dr Yulia Rybak

Dr Yulia Rybak calls to come up with innovative ideas that will accelerate Ukraine’s energy transition, and promotes the initiative, launched by the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership in cooperation with the Women’s Energy Club of Ukraine, aimed to support highly qualified women working in the energy sector, who were forced to leave Ukraine.