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Mark J. Lindquist

Support for veterans must become a new business excellence standard

I would like to see the Ukrainian government capitalise on the universal respect of the soldier and do a post-war ‘hire a veteran PR campaign’ or implement a ‘veteran-owned business’ certification.

Soldiers learn discipline, determination, and leadership skill that is priceless to an employer. I sincerely hope that Ukrainian veterans are given opportunities to showcase what they have learned in the ranks of the military because I think it can strengthen your business culture for decades to come.

Involvement during Russia’s war against Ukraine

Mark J. Lindquist suspended his political career in March to travel to Europe and provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. After being overseas for nearly 150 days, he is working on shipping up to 200 tonnes of donated medical supplies from Minneapolis to Ukraine.

What is your advice on the development of a governmental veteran protection programme in post-war Ukraine? What are the Top-3 topics that should never be overlooked?

The biggest challenge a battle-hardened soldier faces when readjusting to civilian life is the mental side of life as a veteran. Soldiers face the trauma that is unique to most members of society and they adapt to high levels of stress and adrenaline-fueled battles for survival that become their new normal. The three topics I would fund immediately are:

A post-traumatic stress therapy grant programme for all businesses who hire veterans and include this as a part of a veteran’s employee benefit package, subsidised by the government;
Create a place for veterans to gather by forming civic organisations made up of veterans much like our American Legion or VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Soldiers need to be surrounded by those who understand them and can relate to one another. That support system is essential for post-war re-acclimation;
Make soldier suicide prevention a national priority. Form a hotline for soldiers to be connected directly to a therapist with no red tape. Implement a community support training programme whereby friends and relatives can enrol and learn how to support a veteran dealing with trauma.