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CEO at Ukrainian National Postal Operator (Ukrposhta)

Igor Smelyansky

Victory stamps are to be the greatest stamps ever designed

The toughest decisions are always the ones where people’s lives can be in danger. The decision to resume work on the second day of the war, including near military zones and within the temporarily occupied territories, was tough to make, but I am confident we made the right choice, as millions of people depend on our work.

Our heroic employees delivered food, pension and humanitarian aid in the hardest-to-reach places from occupied cities to the smallest villages. We are the last company to leave and the first to come back after a city or a village is liberated from the enemies.

Involvement during Russia’s war against Ukraine

After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian National Postal Operator (Ukrposhta) has been actively delivering humanitarian aid and pensions, as well as working with international postal operators. Committed and brave employees headed by a talented CEO constitute a reliable backbone for the Ukrainian economy and the social system during wartime.

In what way will the imminent integration of Ukraine into the EU impact Ukrposhta, at both operational and strategic levels?

When we talk to our colleagues in the EU about speeding up deliveries and improving services, many of them are amazed that we even continue working. So, we see the EU integration as an opportunity, which can allow us to improve the quality and speed of services for our clients.

I hope that we can maintain our adaptability and flexibility and would not get bogged down in bureaucratic procedures that would enable us to adopt leading European technologies and raise funding for our development and growth.

Does your team already have the idea of a postage stamp that Ukrposhta will release on a victory day?

It will be the greatest stamp to design and we certainly feel the responsibility for doing it at the appropriate creative level, while communicating the right message. The history of our wartime stamps has shown that the stamp’s design, is going to be an exceptional one.

The heroism of our troops and our people deserves commemoration that will be known across the globe. And I feel confident we will have the largest number of stamps ever issued. So that all people around the world could celebrate the victory with us.