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Since 1991, Independent Ukraine has been inspiring all Ukrainians to continuously defend statehood and national revival, supporting the spirit of indomitability and faith in a bright future. In the second “Present” chapter of KYIV RYSING report, you will learn more about the military, social, environmental, economic sectors of Ukraine in detail and figure out more about the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on these sectors and their development. 

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine became a challenge for all the spheres in the country

The full-scale Russian invasion had an enormous impact on all the spheres of the country’s life. The Russian occupying forces, in violation of all the existing rules of international law, committed a huge number of war crimes and acts of terrorism that led to the deaths of civilians, massive destruction of infrastructure, disruptions in national economic chains, and pollution of the environment. Millions of people were forced to flee their homes, while hundreds of thousands decided to defend the independence and territorial integrity of their homeland.

Russia’s war against Ukraine has continued for almost eight months, causing human and economic losses in Ukraine every day. Despite this, Ukrainians keep defending their country side by side with each other and their allies, bringing closer the long-awaited victory over the enemy. Therefore, it is important to understand the current state of Ukraine’s military, social, environmental, and economic spheres in order to ensure their resilience during the ongoing war, as well as comprehensive recovery after the victory is obtained.

The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian army has been focusing on increasing its power to ensure the liberation of the occupied territories of Ukraine.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused massive flows of refugees, as well as an increase in the level of unemployment in the country.
The Russian invasion exacerbated the pollution of air, land, and water in Ukraine. It has also put under threat biodiversity in the country.
The war led to dramatic effects in the Ukrainian economy in the form of destroyed production facilities, blocked export routes, and a growing fiscal deficit.
military expenses of Ukraine increased by 10 times after the beginning of the war
the number of internally displaced people in Ukraine due to the war
tonnes were emitted because of shelling of oil&gas storage facilities
projected decrease in the GDP of Ukraine in 2022 compared to 2021